The Patient Empowerment Foundation was founded to accelerate information and empowerment for patients and family members.  “Smarter” patients have better outcomes and we want that for more patients more quickly.  So true partnership is where we work together not in a bureaucratic way, but in the speed of today’s digital environment. Our goal is for no patient to suffer because either they or their doctor simply “didn’t know.”

If you are ready to harness the power of the latest tools, the latest news the latest research and in a true partnership with patients and family members, then contact us.  Then we’ll agree on how we can work together, where we raise awareness of your organisation and efforts and you do the same with us.  Beyond that we will brainstorm what we can do together and how others who are like-minded can join in. There is tremendous power in collaboration so let’s do it right now to help alleviate suffering among patients wherever they may be.



We can develop and co-promote educational programs for patients, including news coverage from medical meetings and online programs throughout the year

We can showcase tools that can aid patients and make their journey with a serious illness easier

We can solicit funding together for more powerful joint projects

We can pool our insights about the patients we reach to inform new directions for research