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Patient Empowerment Foundation partners with HIMSS to join efforts in empowering patients with technology

e-Patient Christine Bienvenu will be a Keynote speaker at HIMSS eHealth Week

The Patient Empowerment Foundation (PEF) and HIMSS have signed a partnership agreement with the goal to empower patients to achieve better care with the help of technology. HIMSS is a global not-for-profit organization focused on better health through information technology (IT). Both organizations will join efforts to promote patient empowerment and to improve the visibility of their work.
Patient Empowerment Foundation Board of Trustees member, Christine Bienvenu (@SuissePatiente), a breast cancer patient and social media specialist, will be a Keynote speaker at HIMSS eHealth Week (@eHealthWeekEU). Cancer will be one of the focus of the conference, which will take place in Malta next May (10-12).

christine_seinplement_romandes“Too often healthcare technology and information companies and ‘players’ have been talking about patients but not WITH patients. Now the opportunity is to advance care and information much faster if we just work together on an ongoing basis,” said
Andrew Schorr (@AndrewSchorr), Board Chair at the Patient Empowerment Foundation and Founder of Patient Power.

The Patient Empowerment Foundation is committed to helping patients and family members globally play a more knowledgeable and active role in their care, and that they get access to “precision medicine” and state-of-the-art options that are right for them.

Christine Bienvenu has been dealing with “triple negative” breast cancer since 2010. Since then her cancer mutated to HER2 positive and she is now getting an immunotherapy treatment HER2 targeted. Along the way she has had surgery, radiation and extensive infused and oral chemotherapies. Today she is living well and, as she says, “having the time of my life” with her husband and two young sons. Christine trains healthcare professionals in the ePatient culture, empowerment and how to better work with patients.

“Since I was diagnosed I realised how important it was to get involved in digital health to help patients get the best care. Rather than competing with healthcare workers, ePatients seek to join forces with them, bringing the significant added value of experiential knowledge of their illness, their body, their limits, and their definition of quality of life to that of the medical experts’ academic and clinical knowledge. ePatients and healthcare workers must join forces towards successful collaboration in order to constructively change today’s paternalistic healthcare landscape,” said – Christine Bienvenu.

Christine’s Keynote speech will be streamed live on May 11 from the eHealth Week site.

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