We interview and film empowered cancer patients worldwide.  Patients tell their inspiring stories about what it means to be empowered and what motivated them to seek out more information and help about their condition.  Here are a few case studies....

Deborah Simms, patient with Patient Empowerment Foundation

Deborah Sims is a young CLL patient that has travelled the world to find a treatment for her cancer. She left her life and family in Australia and move to London to participate in a clinical trial. Deborah’s is a story of hope that we think it will inspire many patients.

Matt Ellefson

Matt Ellefson, lung cancer survivor and Founder & CEO of the cancer initiative SURVIVEiT, discusses the critical questions that patients should ask when diagnosed with lung cancer.  Matt elaborates on the importance of educating patients to become more engaged in their treatment strategy by sharing his personal story and advice.

Nuria, patient with Patient Empowerment Foundation

Nuria Marín is a Spanish CLL patient whose disease has not affected her way of life. Travelling was her life before being diagnosed and it continues to be. She travels to far away countries with friends and when she is in Barcelona, her city, she lives her life intensively.

Thomas Hennlich

Thomas Hennlich was diagnosed with an Astrocytoma (WHO Grade III) 5 years ago. He has gone through two brain surgeries and he is now on his way to recovery. Having been a consultant for the Health Tech industry for many years, Thomas has decided now to focus on advocacy to help brain cancer patients. In this interview with Patient Power founder Andrew Schorr Thomas explains his amazing story. 

Randy, advocate for Patient Empowerment Foundation

Randall “Randy” Broad is a former international business executive from Washington State who was diagnosed with stage III non-small-cell lung cancer in 2008. Having survived cancer, he is now an advocate who helps other patients dealing with the disease.

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